(High School Basketball Pre-game Script)

"Welcome gentlemen,

It is a league requirement that the following statement be read at this time.

In all league play it is necessary that players treat officials, staff and opponents with respect at all times. 

The referees are in charge of the game.  Their decisions are final. 

       Profanity will not be tolerated.

Flagrant Fouls (intentional or unintentional) will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate forfeit.  A player charged with a flagrant foul will be ejected, suspended for an additional game, and may be banned from the facility for the remainder of the season.  The team will be issued a warning.  A team with two flagrant fouls in a season may be removed from the schedule for the remainder of the season.

      Any ejection will result in a suspension for the remainder of the current game and the next game.  Suspension prohibits a player from being in the gym.  

Any player whose name appears on a high school varsity basketball roster for the current school year is ineligible to play in this league.  If you are aware of a player on an opposing team that is ineligible, you must make that known immediately - game results will not be changed after the fact."

(Home team offers a Prayer)


Youth Soccer Referee pre-game script:

"Welcome to today's match between the ________ and the ________.

(coin flip or team listed 2nd on the schedule is home team or team bench closest to school is home team, etc)

The home team today is the ________.  Would someone from that team please offer a short prayer. 

Thank you

Today the the ________ will begin on this goal (pointing) and the ________ will be going towards this goal (pointing). 

(Age variations: 

Ages 4-6 - Please remember there is no pushing or shoving in soccer and only the goalie can use his hands.  Remember to stop when you hear the whistle. 
Ages 4 - When a ball goes out of bounds it may be thrown or kicked in 
Ages 5-6 - No more than one coach on the field
Ages 7 + - No coaches on the field.  Coaches please assign one person from each of your teams to assist as a line judge

Please show good sportsmanship at all times. 

Now, if I may have two (visiting team)  only in the circle to kick off.   (allow time for subs to return to the sidelines)