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PRUMC Soccer Field Schedule Fall 2020 (Sept 14 - Nov 15)

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:00 AM              
10:00 AM
Matthews (K- G)

8 S

11:00 AM
Rodbell (Pre-K) 

12 S

12:00 PM
King (1st Grade G)

8 S

1:00 PM
Cochard (2nd Grade G)

9 M

 Haddow (K-G)

13 S

2:00 PM
Knight (Pre-K)


Suh (4th Grade B)

1M, 9L

3:00 PM            
Rosengren (5th Grade G)

10 L

4:00 PM
Jacobs/Babul (K- 1st Grade B) 

8S, 1 M
Melgarego (1st Grade B)

6S,  1M

Montgomery (2nd Grade B) 

10 M

Morris (1st Grade G)

11S, 1M

Miller (1st/2nd Grade G) 

9S, 1M

  Partin (3rd Grade G)

9 M

5:00 PM Stein/Hyre (2nd Grade B)

8 M





 Weaver (1st grade B)

17S, 2M

Osborne (4th Grade G)

11 L





Knight (Pre-K)

8 S

6:00 PM
Spry (3rd Grade B)

9 M

Moffitt (4th Grade G)

11 L

Wimberly (2nd Grade B) 

6 M

7:00 PM    
Lonegran (4th Grade B)

9 L

8:00 PM          

Drop off / Pick up Procedures:

Players will be dropped off in the church parking lot by the main gate

PRUMC Staff will meet at cars to screen and take temperatures

Players and coaches will exit the field through the gate on Shadowlawn Dr. 

Cars may form a line for pick-up along Shadowlawn Dr