Parking Attendants at E. Rivers Field


Primary Objectives:  

  1. Ensure that cars are parked legally both in the school parking lots

and on Peachtree Battle Avenue (parking not allowed on the “park” side of the road – only on the right hand side the one way streets.

  1. Maximize the school parking spaces (lower lot, upper lot/front drive) so as to minimize the amount of parking on Peachtree Battle Avenue
  2. Inform customers as early as possible when lower lot is full to save them the time of having to turn around and circle back to available parking and to reduce congestion in the lower lot.


Attendant Responsibilities:


1.      At beginning of each day - cone off sidewalk in front of gym so that cars do not pull up on the walkway or entrance area into the gym.

2.      At beginning of each day - cone off one side of the upper lot from the end of the upper lot leading into the lower lot to the yellow drop-off (speed hump) use for the school. (Cars can park on both sides of the upper lot up to that point but only one side may be used from the speed hump to the end of the upper lot).

3.      At the end of the day return all cones to the equipment P.O.D.

4.      Use green parking notices on windshield as necessary when cars park illegally
or on the grass (or dirt).


1.       Monitor the available spaces in the lower lot and communicate availability to Position B.

2.      Use the “Lower lot full” sign as necessary to communicate to cars coming from Peachtree Street.


1.      Monitor available spaces in the upper lot

2.      Use the “Lower lot full, Drop offs permitted” sign to alert people coming towards Peachtree Street as a courtesy to save them the time of turning around in the lower lot and to reduce congestion in the lower lot.

3.      Use the “Parking available” sign with the “Lower lot full…” sign to let people know when there is space available in the upper lot.




Parking volume will come in waves throughout the day.  Please do not leave your posts during slow times, as the volume will increase in a short time.