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Elementary After Micro-school Classes (Grades K-8)



Session 1 Aug 31- Sep25

Session 2 Sep 28 – Oct 23

Session 3 Oct 26 – Nov 20 






Homework Zone

M / Tu / W / Th



iMasters Fencing

Tu / Fri



My Cool World Art

Tu / Th



Peach Pit Dance

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 Pure Tennis

M / F




W / Th



STEM Velocity

M / F




Forefront Arts

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Homework Zone Learning Ridge is excited to offer our homework help program at PRUMC Sports and Recreation. Instructors will verify completeness of assignments and will provide invaluable assistance with time management and study skills. Private, one-on-one tutoring also available. To make an appointment, please contact (404) 964-8533 Grades 1-8

iMasters Fencing An introductory class into the world of fencing! Students will learn the basics of form and movement while improving balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.  (Students will use training swords - no pointed ends or sharp edges!)  Grades K-8

My Cool World Art Enrichment Afterschool programs are packed with fun, authentic art projects, storytelling, music and other activities that teach children about world cultures.  Based on our Atlanta Public Schools International Travelers program, each session highlights a different theme that showcases the best of our over 80 lessons. For example, kids may create authentic wearable Mexican sombreros, make Aboriginal Australian boomerangs and digeridoos, create a painted paper African lion while embarking on a Big Five African safari adventure, and much more! Grades K-5

 PeachPit Dance (visit Peach Pit to register)

3:30-4:15pm Ballet & Tap 
4:30-5:30pm Ballet Rocks!

4:00-4:45pm Pre Ballet 
5:00-6:00pm Ballet Rocks! 
6:00-7:00pm Intermediate Jazz
7:00-8:00pm Advanced Contemporary 

         Ballet and Tap PRUMC  The Peach Pit is creating dancers with Ballet and Little Taps! This class will introduce ages 4-6 to the art of making music with their feet, as well as use ballet technique to develop coordination, balance, and strength. *Performs in      The Peach Pit Dance Recital.  Required Attire: Tap shoes, ballet shoes, tights, and leotard Ages 4-6

 Ballet Rocks!  Ballet Rocks! Come and learn this classical style with a rockin' twist! Listen to musical hits while moving and strengthening your technique. *Performs in The Peach Pit Dance Recital. Required Attire: Leotard, tights, and ballet shoes (Ages 7+)-

Pre Ballet  Pre Ballet is designed for dancers 5+ to learn the basics and structure of a ballet class through creativity and imagination. *Performs in The Peach Pit Dance Recital.  Required Attire: Black Leotard, Tights, Bun & Pink Ballet Shoes Ages 5-7 

Come flow with us in this modern based class! Learn to move freely in and out of floor work through fluid and graceful movement as we explore combining elements of ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical dance. *Performs in The Peach Pit Dance Recital.  Require Attire: black activewear, leggings.

 Intermediate Jazz  Come join us for an upbeat class focused on learning the precision and rhythmic flare of jazz technique! We will learn elements from the origins of jazz dance, broadway style and contemporary jazz dance. *Performs in The Peach Pit Dance Recital.  Required Attire: Jazz shoes, all black fitted activewear-including leotard and black tights or leggings and fitted top


Pure Tennis

Quick-Start Tennis for Kids is a group play activity featuring action-based tennis drills and games for children in grades K-2 of all ability levels. This program emphasizes movement and fun using age-appropriate equipment in addition to developing tennis and athletic skills while improving health and fitness!  Our goal is to create a more challenging and social interactive program for the kids who are working their way up from Tennis-Tots. This further enhances and speeds up the learning experience while building good communication, teamwork and improved tennis skills. Grades K-2


Tennis- Fit for Kids is a group activity featuring action-based tennis drills and games for children in grades 3-5 of all ability levels, emphasizing movement and fun using age-appropriate equipment, Tennis Fit will develop an environment filled with tennis specific athletic skills while improving health and fitness. This program is designed to invigorate children’s tennis programming and will provide an option to help fight childhood obesity. Grades 3-5

Rugby - Jr Ruggers Come get an early exposure to one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Learn fun fundamentals, body control, character traits and have a blast with our expert coaching staff! Class is non-contact with a focus on evasive running, passing, catching and flag pulling.  No experience necessary. Grades 1-5

STEM Velocity

Lab Crash! Pop! Eureka! Does your Student enjoy science coming to life? Then this is the program for them! Each week we will explore something new and exciting from in a wide range of age-appropriate STEM topics in the areas of engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and more. We will conduct experiments and activities to provide first hand experiences to help them become more confident in their understanding of the natural world. Grades K-2

             Tech Calling all Tech Kids! Are you interested in cool innovations that the 21st Century has to offer? In this program, we will Build, Code, and Explore. Students will utilize fun and exciting technology resources such as programmable LEGO® Models, Modern Robots, Drones, 3D Pens and much more. They will not only gain an essential foundation for 21st Century Technology, but also train their skills in Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Teamwork and Executive Functioning. Grades 1-5

Theatre - Forefront Arts (visit Forefront Arts to register)

 MOANA  Act, Sing, and Dance in a "Moana"-themed musical theatre performance!  Learn physical & vocal warmups, play drama games, boost your performance technique, and work towards an amazing show!  Casting auditions will take place during the first class on Thurs, September 10 and everyone will be featured in special moments throughout the show! Rehearsals: Thursdays/Fridays, 4:15-6:00 pm (includes vocal & acting performance technique class for all cast members) Grades K-3

 INTO THE WOODS JR (rights pending) Act, Sing, and Dance in a full-scale production of "Into the Woods Jr"!  Students will receive professional instruction in acting, vocal, and choreography technique, audition for specific roles during the first class, and work together to learn an entire show in just 8 weeks! Thursdays/Fridays, 6:15-8:45 pm  (includes vocal & acting performance technique class for all cast members, and rehearsal for the show)  Grades 4 - 12