Tennis-Fit for Kids


Ages 6-12

October 09-13


8:30am-1:00PM (minimum of eight participants)




Location: PRUMC (Gymnasium)

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Tennis Fit for Kids is a group play activity featuring action-based tennis drills and games for children ages 6 to 12 of all ability levels.
This program emphasizes movement and fun using fitness monitors to track progress and set fitness goals. Using age-appropriate equipment,
TF4Kids develops tennis and athletic skills while improving health and fitness.


· Non-intimidating and motivating athletic environment for kids of all skill levels.

· Kids can experience tennis without the pressure of competition

· Focus is on the development of balance, coordination and agility.

· Creates a pathway to attract new junior tennis players and to broaden the pool for player development.

· Kids can get hooked at an early age to a healthy sport for a lifetime!



Tennis Fit for Kids is designed to invigorate children’s tennis programming and helps fight childhood obesity. Childhood obesity and sedentary
lifestyles have become international issues that need to be addressed. Through its unique tennis fitness programs, Pure Tennis LLC
children gain physical strength, knowledge, and self-esteem, laying the foundation for a healthy
and fit lifestyle.