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The Mike Miller Scholarship Fund

The Michael Miller Soccer Scholarship at PRUMC provides a child in need with a season of friendship, team camaraderie and soccer at PRUMC.

All who knew Michael (aka Mike) Miller knew him to be an inclusive, friendly, kind, intense, funny, athletic, caring and loving person with a servant mentality.  Mike had a heart and passion for his country (he served our great country in the Navy) his family, children, Jesus and stray dogs.  Mike served philanthropically with the Special Olympics of North Georgia, Therapeutic Horses for Kids and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.  Mike was also an avid volleyball and soccer player who dearly loved both sports. 

On the soccer pitch Mike was a fearsome goalie.  With his love of children and soccer Mike helped to coach Under 12 traveling soccer teams in midtown Atlanta for years, specifically focusing on growing young goalies abilities.  At PRUMC Mike was helping to grow the young goalies on the 7 – 8 year old mighty Blue Sharks.  Even though Mike didn’t have a child on the team he served with fervor and love for the game and the children he served.  Jesus had plans for Mike Miller and he left this earth to be with his savior on May 4th, 2019.  He is dearly missed and we hope that this scholarship can in a small way help to carry his legacy on. 

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I first met Mike Miller over 30 years ago in high-school.  He hung out and was already good friends with Bill Nickles, Stephen Loftis and Andrea Rhekop who he met through and shared the commonality of a love for soccer.  They were a tight knit group and really didn’t need another friend added to their circle.  Surprisingly enough Mike and the rest of the 4 person group welcomed me into their friend circle with no qualms or drama at all.  I remember thinking at the time I wish I were as Inclusive, Friendly and Kind as Mike Miller and his friends.


Once I got to know and start playing soccer with Mike I was amazed at his dexterity, hand eye coordination, adroit hands and lightning fast reactions while playing goalie.  I definitely liked having him On my team versus trying to score on Mike….  I remember thinking I wish I had Mike Miller’s Athletic Ability.

In high-school Mike had a SWEET Ford Pinto (I think it even had a racing stripe).  The five of us used to cram into it and ride around thinking we were super cool.  I remember thinking I wish I were as Cool as Mike Miller.


When I went off to college, Mike who always had a love and a gene for protecting others went into the military, specifically the Navy where he was a diver and spent a good deal of time in Guam.  I remember thinking I wish I were a Patriot, Warrior and Seaman Hero like Mike Miller.


After Mike returned from his service for our country we re-established our friendship and together along with Bill Nickles began coaching an 11 – 12 year old boys traveling soccer team in Atlanta.  This wasn’t the only time Mike and I would coach soccer together as he was helping me coach my son’s team now.  Mike was drawn to serve others not only in the military and soccer coaching but he also served annually with the Crohn’s & Colitis, at the Stables with Therapeutic Horses for kids with special needs and Special Olympics.  He was even the MC for some of the North Georgia Major GA Special Olympics events.  I remember thinking I wish I Served Others like Mike Miller.


For those of you who don’t know, Mike made some of the BEST pies I’ve ever eaten.  Mike would always surprise our family and others with his homemade pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I remember thinking I wish I were Thoughtful and a Great Baker like Mike Miller.


Speaking of thoughtful…. Mike or in this case “Mike the Mover” is the only person in my life who helped me move every time, 7 times (it rained EVERY TIME) including recently helping me donate a beast of a piano…..  Oh and he was ALWAYS early and Never late.  Mike loved punctuality, me not so much…..  At my wedding, without my bride or I knowing, Mike asked and was given the bouquet that Blake threw.  Three months later Mike presented us with a spectacular encasement that included the freeze dried bouquet and our wedding invitation.  We of course cherish this and have it to this day.  Those who know Mike know that he loved dogs, of course with his giant heart he rescued them.  That’s just the kind of guy Mike was.  I remember thinking after each servant hearted gesture and deed, I wish I were as Generous and Helping as Mike Miller.


Anyone who knows Mike Miller knows that he had an incredibly strong affinity for anything water and especially the coasts of Florida and really any coasts or bodies of water.  No surprise that he chose to serve in the Navy.  Mike loved the ocean, lakes, fish and he always had super cool fish and aquariums.  He was also a Miami Hurricane fan so he and I had plenty of good natured bantering when Miami would come to play my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  We had plenty of crazy fishing adventures together along with Bill.  On one of our fishing adventures Mike hooked into a very large bass (I believe he was yelling that it was the biggest largemouth bass he ever hooked) and he got so excited that he rocked the canoe and fell out of it.  So much for that largest bass….  After falling out and losing the largemouth bass of a lifetime Mike handled it brilliantly and laughed it off with the rest of us.  Mike always had a smile on his face and a great laugh.  I remember thinking I wish I had an Affinity for Water and a Passion for Life like Mike Miller did.


Since my wife and I have 5 kids ages 7 and under we’re always super appreciative when people offer to help with our children without having to be asked.  Mike ALWAYS asked how he could help with the kids, where we needed a hand or if he saw something that needed fixing he’d just do it.  3 weekends ago he put together a water table for the kids and then helped me assemble some chairs, followed by reading to the kids to tide them over while my wife and I prepared lunch, all without ever being asked.  I remember thinking I wish I Served Others Without Being Asked like Mike Miller did.


Some of you may know that Mike had been attending Buckhead Church.  He was pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus.  The music, sermons and fellowship encouraged and buoyed Mike.  He had joined a men’s small group and would attend service with us on Sundays.  He had just recently signed up to serve at Buckhead Church with the children’s ministry known as Waumba Land.  I remember thinking, I wish I had the Willingness and Selflessness to sign up to serve like Mike Miller.


The Mike we knew had a servant heart and was a man who Treated and Thought of Others First, was Inclusive, Friendly and Kind, Athletic, Cool, he was a Patriot, Warrior and Seaman Hero, he Served Others, was always Thoughtful, he was a Great Baker, he was Generous and Helping, he had an Affinity for Anything Water, had an Incredible Passion for Life while always Serving Others Without Being Asked and was seeking a Personal Relationship with Jesus.  As I reflect now on the impact that Mike had on my family and me, I hope that We Love and Serve Others like Mike Miller did.  We hope and pray that we one day see Mike again fully restored in Heaven.



If I may I’d like to share the following Bible verses that give us Hope.


John 3:16 (New International Version)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.      


John 16:33 (New Living Translation)

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”


I’d like to leave you with the following C.S. Lewis quotes from his 7th book of the Narnia series entitled The Last Battle that was posted online to provide some comfort and hope to those of us who are heartbroken by the loss of Mike:

“All their life in this world and all their adventures had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”

C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle.


“I have come home at last!  This is my real country!  I belong here.  This is the land I’ve been looking for all of my life, though I never knew it till now.”

C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle.

I did not get the chance to see Mike the last week of his life.  That is something that I have to live with the rest of my life.  I do take solace from the last text message that I sent to Mike on the Tuesday prior to his departure was the following:

“Your friends all want the best for you.  You have got SO MANY GIFTS TALENTS and ABILITIES and YOU ARE LOVED BY WAY MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE!!!!!  MOST IMPORTANTLY GOD LOVES AND MADE YOU FOR HIS PURPOSE.  You are my only friend who has helped move me EVERY TIME without ever complaining in the slightest….  You’ve got a HUGE HEART AND LIKE ALL GODS CHILDREN HE HAS GREAT LOVE AND PLANS FOR YOU!!!!!


Thank you for the Honor to Celebrate our great friend Mike Miller.  We love and miss him dearly and look forward to celebrating with him in heaven.

Drew Allvine