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Since 1968,  Peachtree Road United Methodist Church Sports, Recreation and Life Enrichment has served area families with sports and recreational experiences designed to enrich the lives in our community and foster personal growth. We invite you to be a part of our family!

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   Perez Family Home Project!   



Tuesday May 19:


I am excited to share with all of you that you have done it!

With your help and the help of some private donors, we have reached our goal and will be making the initial down payment on a new "Perez family home" next week. In the coming weeks we will post some photographs so you can see your donations at work.

On behalf of the Perez family, thank you for your generosity and support. And thank you for proving, once again, that you are the most exceptional families in Atlanta! Even amid the tragic circumstances of the pandemic, because of your compassion, we witness new life! May God bless you all!


Charles Akin
Beth Spencer

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church




January 24, 2020



Dear friends,


In 2017, Mario Nava was killed in a tragic accident while removing a large tree limb that threatened his family’s home.  Since then, his children and their mother Olga Perez have been trying to support their family of five. The mobile home they live in at the Central Mobile Village behind Nuevo Laredo Cantina is beyond repair and has now been condemned.  

Nava's daughter attends E Rivers Elementary School and the Perez family participates in The Agape Youth Program, an afterschool and summer program for low-income children living in the Bolton Road corridor. They have been successfully operating for over twenty years and have a 100% graduation rate for students who stick with the organization.  

As we are committed to serving our community, we have been presented with the unique opportunity to purchase a new modular home for the family. The cost will be $64,000.  PRUMC Sports and Recreation has offered to use the resource of our participants to allow a new beginning for the Perez family. We hope you will find it in your heart to support this very worthy endeavor that will change the future for this working single mother and her children.


Those of you who know me well know that I have a soft spot for children who have lost a parent. I believe we have a communal obligation to provide support to help fill the overwhelming void left in their lives. I also consider the families involved in our programs the most exceptional families in Atlanta.


Everyone needs help sometimes.  Together, I know we can get this done!


There are three ways for you to contribute:


1.    When registering for our programs, you will see an activity where you can make a $100 contribution.


2.    By clicking on the “Make a Donation” button of our website, you can contribute any amount (of course, no amount is too small!). Please reference Perez Family Home where indicated. 


3.    We have opened a Go Fund Me Campaign through us for the benefit of the Perez family. Feel free to share this link with anyone and everyone:  Perez family home  



Please direct questions regarding the Perez family to, and, as always, let me know if I can be of assistance. 


Charles Akin, Director of Sports, Recreation and Life Enrichment 

Beth Spencer, Director of Local Outreach and Volunteer Service