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Parental ethics at game time 


A Good Sporting Parent…

Never yells instructions, advice or coaching tips to your child during the game.

Never denigrate another player on your team or on the opposing team—even in conversation in the stands.

Never question a coach’s strategies, decisions, or overall skills in public; if you have a beef with the coach, make an appointment to see him or her in private.

Never use sarcasm in a "cheer".

Never verbally abuse an umpire or referee.

Never use whining, disparaging questions in your conversations with other parents.

ALWAYS be willing to cheer for a good play, no matter which team makes it.

ALWAYS help others appreciate the skills and efforts of all athletes involved in the competition.

ALWAYS accept a win with humility.

ALWAYS accept a defeat with good-natured sportsmanship.

ALWAYS be ready to give credit to adult volunteers; they give so much of their time and energy.

ALWAYS remain quiet when in doubt as to the helpfulness of a contemplated comment or cheer.

ALWAYS show interest in other parents and their children as persons and families.

The BIBLE counsels parents, ‘Do not exasperate your children". (Ephesians 6:4).