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Youth League Coaches Packet -

Below is the information covered in the coaches meeting.  At the meeting coaches will:

1. Pick up the uniforms
2. Verify their practice times/locations
3. Verify or establish their team names (trophies are ordered early in the season).
4. Review of the information below

Register here to coach (coaches must register on line)

(Hand outs below)


Concussion Protocol

League Information

Field Policies and Considerations

League Schedules

PRUMC's Helpful Tips for all Coaches!


Player Substitution Worksheet

Inclement Weather Information


Season-Ending Celebrations

Team "Mom" Responsibilities

Names on Jerseys

E. Rivers PTA Concession Stand 
- Team Snacks

Other resources:

Preventing Injury and Promoting Success in the
Young Athlete by Beth Maynor

What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent - - And What Makes A Great One

Sportsmanship for Parents

Soccer Instruction:

The Challenger Way!

Y-Coach Youth Soccer Drills

Basketball Instruction:

Y-Coach Youth Basketball Drills

Coach John Wooden`s Website

Tommy's Basketball Playbook
Court Diagram

 "Basketball Skills by Age Group":
1. Team Concepts
Ages 5-6
Ages 7-8
Ages 9-10

5. Ages 11-12


Outdoor Sports for the Kids
 (A great resource for parents and coaches!)