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Peachtree Road United Methodist Church:
Sports, Recreation, & Life Enrichment   

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PRUMC Sports Recreation and Life Enrichment  


PRUMC Sports, Recreation and Life Enrichment is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all age levels of participation.  It is always our first priority in any situation or decision.  Anyone who sees a potential risk or threat to the safety of anyone involved in our programs should contact a PRUMC Staff member immediately. 

·         We provide supervision from our staff at all activities which take place at any of our facilities.

·         Where possible, we have video surveillance of our activities.

·         We take every precaution possible to ensure our facilities, playing surfaces and surrounding areas are safe for each activity. 

·         PRUMC staff members receive First Aid and CPR training on a regular basis.

·         Fire escape plans are in place and reviewed on a regular basis.

Youth Activities:

·         PRUMC encourages parent attendance at all youth activities. 

·         We reserve the right to perform background checks on coaches as often as we deem necessary.

·         All injuries are taken seriously.  Decisions are to be driven by the parents when present.  When parents are not present. PRUMC staff retains the right and authority to administer First Aid and as necessary,  contact emergency responders, Our motto is “If in doubt, call 911.”  Players with head injuries may not return to a game or practice until his or her parent, coach and PRUMC staff representative agree.  

·         At any time children are not in the physical custody of their parents, coaches and staff members assist in supervising participants.  Children are not to be left unattended.

·         In youth sports, we implement rules to promote safe play and reduce the threat of injury (some examples include: prohibiting sliding into base, foot tackling and excessive rough play.  No hard baseballs are allowed.  Baseball bat safety is practiced.  Referees regularly instruct players and coaches on matters such as rough play. )

·         Inclement weather is taken very seriously.  Upon hearing thunder, outdoor play is suspended until which time PRUMC staff, referees, coaches and parents all agree it is safe to resume play.

·         Staff, coaches and teachers are instructed never to be alone with a child that is not theirs.  There should always be two or more adults present with one child or two or more children present with any adult.

This is not intended to express a comprehensive list of safety concerns – only to highlight some areas and provide some insight into our philosophy and approach to ensuring the safety of our participants.

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