Challenger Sports coaching staff have spent the past 20 years developing players, coaches and soccer club systems throughout the USA, Canada, Britain and Australia. That knowledge and experience is now available to all coaches, administrators, parents and players through a state of the industry soccer web site that simply is called…The Challenger Way.

The Challenger Way is a complete soccer resource providing a comprehensive collection of video, pdf and on screen information for just about every part of the game. We have selected hundreds of practices for you to review, print out and use in your next coaching session and new content is being added every month.

·         Warm ups

·         Cool downs

·         Individual skills

·         Fun games for younger players

·         Passing

·         Dribbling

·         Shooting

·         Heading

·         Small sided games

·         Tactics

·         Formations

·         Nutrition

·         Fitness training

·         Strength training

·         Team Management

·         Laws of the game

The Challenger Way is an extremely valuable resource to coaches of all ages and levels. Whether you are new to the game or are an experienced coach looking for new ideas, you will find tried and trusted content that will immediately help your next practice!

The site will also provide extremely useful and easy to find information, standard forms and tips for team managers and club administrators. Whether you need help with evaluating players, setting team guidelines or running a large club, The Challenger Way will contain information that can help you.

Annual Subscription - $79 (Password protected – one per user)

As a key Challenger customer we will waive the annual subscription and coaches in your club may register for a nominal hook up fee of only $5.95 for an entire twelve month period!

Simply go to and click Sign Up. Enter your contact details and the promotional code NLN2009 and you will immediately have access to the entire site.